What is Team Nexus?

 Team Nexus was formed by four people who bonded at the Chiba Urban Volunteers' Exchange.
We will continue to link up with those people who have come together and develop the bond.
This is Team Nexus.
Now we have eleven members. As a associate of "City Cast 2020", we want to learn more about Chiba and be able to share information about the region in order to offer hospitality to foreigners visiting Japan. For this purpose, we are making and releasing our own videos.
 We created a dedicated website for Team Nexus because we needed to set up a mechanism to distribute the videos.
We make both Japanese and English versions of our videos for visitors to view.
  We also want to be able to speak English, the common language of the world, which is essential for hospitality. With this in mind, we also organise English conversation practice sessions to help volunteers develop their English-speaking skills.
 We have online meetings (every Sunday evening from 20:00 to 21:00) using the Zoom application to practice our English conversation and to check the progress we have made in creating the videos.
 The making of videos is done from time to time, each with its own schedule